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Final Fantasy Type-0 Review (JAPAN)


Final Fantasy Type-0 is an action role-playing game from Square Enix, along with Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which makes up the Fabula Nova Crytallis: Final Fantasy. The game comes in 2 UMDs, due to high space issues.
The name of Final Fantasy Type-0 was changed, the original being Final Fantasy Agito XIII.


Since I can barely read Japanese, I can't really give any detailed points. So I'll give the basics.
Final Fantasy Type-0 takes place in Oriense, which is divided by four nations known as Suzaku Fiefdom of Rubrum, the Milites Empire, the Lorican Alliance, and the Kingdom of Concordia. Each of the nations contain their unique crystals, which is famous in the Final Fantasy series. Suzaku Crystal grants the power of Magic, Byakko Crystal grants the power of Weapons (meaning higher artillery, technology), Genbu Crystal grants the power of Shield, Soryu Crystal grants the power of the Dragon. All nations are under a peace treaty called Pax Codex, and everything was going peacefully until Cid Aulsstyne broke the treaty and begins an invasion of the other nations with the help of the Byakko Crystal. Cid easily conquered Lorica and Concordia, but has difficulties obtaining Rubrum due to high magical defenses. This is where the students of Class Zero are organizing Operation Apostle, a covert mission to re-capture the crystals and defeat the Milites forces.

Class Zero


The game-play mechanics are very similar to that of -Crisis Core- Final Fantasy VII. The battle system uses the new evolution of the "ATB kai' system, which was used in Final Fantasy X-2, which was later refined in -Crisis Core- Final Fantasy VII. Though unlike -Crisis Core-, the game-play is party based. Instead of going through menus, actions are mapped on the lower right screen, directly to the face buttons for quick access. SE stated that they wanted the fastest version of ATB ever created, which is true since actions are quickly into play and fast-pace. If you have a magic spell, and hold the button, you can charge the spell and you see a vertical bar going from left to right over the name. This game is literally created to keep you in action and on your toes. If you played the demo, and notice the games camera system was always going haywire, that problem is fix here in the full version, which is nice. Leveling up, and gaining Ability Points (AP) to increase the characters abilities is a recurring system in the game. You use the D-pad to move the camera.

Also, you have 14 playable characters. Yes, FOURTEEN playable characters. This is the biggest playable Final Fantasy cast along side with Final Fantasy VI, which also had 14 playable characters. Each are different and have unique game-play, and would make the game last for hours. For example, Jack uses a Katana and when the weapon is drawn, he suddenly becomes a slow-moving character, but takes the highest damage out of most of the characters. All of the characters are named after a deck of playing cards, excluding two, who are Machina Kunagiri and Rem Tokimiya. When you are on the World Map, you can also encounter random battles, and depending on what the weather condition is, it could effect your battle, such as fog, where it lowers your visibilities and to be able to lock onto enemies, you must look at your mini-map on the top-right screen to determine where your enemies are. Also, if you feel confident, you can face the same enemies again, but at a higher level for a challenge, which is a nice way to level up. Another feature using the World Map is a strategy battle type, where your in the World Map, and you have base to take over by entering into them or damaging them with soldiers you sent from your own base. This new feature is quite different to see in a Final Fantasy game, but it works out well.
Here are a couple of screen shots of the game-play.

Instant Death is a new addition to the Final Fantasy  series. If you are able to find a weakness of an enemy, a critical chance and based on how well your doing, a circle glyph appears on them, and if you hit them at that right moment, they are instantly killed. Some tougher enemies may take major damage from it, and bosses as well. Trust me, this helps out a lot, since the enemies are usually a higher level than you, and most of the characters take different damage. The boss even have like multiple bars of health. So this a nice and new feature to see.

A glyph appears, indicating a Instant Death.

The Alto Crystarium Menu
Also, like Final Fantasy XIII, the game also has a Crystarium system, called Alto Crystarium. This is where the player can power up the characters' magic, using energy collected from defeated enemies called "Phantoma". When an enemy is defeated, their dead bodies are still on screen. If the player holds the R button and press Triangle, they explode and form into a Phantoma, and goes towards the player. They restore a little bit of the characters' magic. The Phantoma comes in varies types, where they can be used to power up different areas of magic for the characters. An example, if I wanted to power up a character's Fire RF, the magic can be powered up in the strength of the magic, MP usage, distances and speed. This system is a nice and a new way to upgrade magic, but there is also a cost. When you upgrade say, the MP usage(how much MP is uses to cast the spell), another category such as Speed and Distance. You would have to carefully plan what you upgrade, as it does take awhile to get more Phantoma. Also, when you gather up Phantoma, you don't have to go to each and individual body and collect them. once you have one locked on and press triangle, they all form and go towards you, which is a nice change from the demo. The magic that is cast in the game is also different from any other Final Fantasy game.

In Type-0, you have three elements, which are Fire, Ice, and Lightning. The spells also have varies attack patterns and attributes if you know what your doing. There are five varieties in the game, they being:

Shotgun (SHG): This attack type is spread (like shooting a shotgun) at multiple height levels. It doesn't have the greatest distance in the game, since it's like a shotgun, but is VERY effective against enemies that are close. Duh, who would snipe with a shotgun?

Fire Shotgun

Rifle (RF): This attack type has very good distance. Though it may travel far, the homing isn't that great. If you have an enemy that is far and pretty stationary, this is the magic to use. This magic type takes moderate damage.

Ice Rifle

Bomb (BOM): This magic type is only effective in your immediate surroundings. This a HIGHLY useful magic if you are being mobbed and surrounded by a bunch of enemies. This magic type takes a nice amount of damage to the enemies. I use this magic a lot cause it looks cool, and I usually get up-close and personal.

Lightning Bomb

Missile (MIS): This attack type is meant for homing, and chases after your enemy before releasing it's magic. The higher the level of magic you have, such has Fira, Thunderga, it will expand to encompass surroundings.

Fira Missile

Rocket (ROK): This magic attack type is used if you want to precisely aim at a targeted. When used, you will go up close to your character where they are facing, and a cross-hair will appear. You can shoot at whatever you can see. I didn't really like this type, and I rarely use it, but in certain situations it can be useful. 

Cross-hair appears.

Ice Missile

Like in Final Fantasy XII, you can switch leaders on the fly. By holding L and then pressing the Right D-pad button, you can change the character you are using to whoever you chose to be the other party members. If you lost a member, and want to replace the empty space with another, you can hold L and press up and scroll the characters you want to replace it with. Characters won't disappear forever, and will return at the end of the mission, or battle.
Shiva, the ice-elemental summon. (HOT)
Another feature added to the game is Trinity Attack system. It like a tri-attack combo. To uses these, you require 3 characters, and a mix of combination attacks. These are generally weaker than summons, which we will get to later on, but doesn't require a sacrifice (that's right... I said it... you need a sacrifice), and can be used multiple times.

Summons, a recurring feature in the Final Fantasy series, returns in Type-0. When summoned, the character who acts as the summoner is sacrifice, and cannot return until the mission is completed. The summon replaces the character and can be controlled as a member, similar to Final Fantasy XII International.


The music, composed by Takeharu Ishimoto, is very compelling and amazing. I just love every score and piece, and felt that I was in the moment of every point in the game. I enjoyed every moment of the game because of the music in the background, though this is just one opinion. There are variety of different scores in the game to provide the right feeling and momentum. Here is an example down below.


The graphics in the game are very amazing, especially on a hand-held platform. The graphics are very similar to The Third Birthday, and Dissidia Final Fantasy. The scenery is very nice, the details are great, the character details are amazing. The CG cut-scenes are also nice to see in-game. The World Map, which is a nice addition, has nice details that you can see. The lightning of the game and in battle are compelling to see and watch, especially if you use Thunder (SHG), and the effects of the magic are also nice.


Overall, the game was quite amazing. I love the Final Fantasy series, and this game made me enjoy it until the very end. You get an amazing large variety of characters, very interesting characters in fact, a face-pace game-play that will keep you hooked and on your toes, great music and graphics. If you are a fan of the series and you enjoy fast-pace RPGs, I would recommend you pick up a copy, IF the game ever get's localized or if you want to and speaks Japanese, you can pick up the JAP version of the game. I enjoyed the game a lot, and I hope this review gave you a couple of thoughts about it.

*Note: I do not know when the release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 in North America will be announce, and I hope that it does get localized, as it will be a great game. SE stated that they wanted to appeal to Western gamers with this game, so I hope to see it here.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Discussions, Thoughts, Topics


     Final Fantasy XIII-2 is an upcoming 2012 console role-playing game from the Final Fantasy series created by Square Enix. It is the successor of the Platinum Hit Final Fantasy XIII. Three years after the events. Three years after the events of Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning, the protagonist of the original game, has disappeared into an unknown world. Her younger sister Serah Farron, a returning character from the original title, and a boy named Noel Kreiss attempt to find Lightning. The game is due to release in Japan on December 15th, and on January 31st in North America.

                                         Serah Farron                                                                    Noel Kreiss
Side note: If you have a save file of Final Fantasy XIII, you will get something that is barely a bonus. Details are down further.

Square Enix as stated that Final Fantasy XIII-2 has changed every aspect of the game from Final Fantasy XIII. Active Time Battle (ATB) returns in Final Fantasy XIII-2. A bar charges, while a character picks commands on the character he/she is using and a small block of the command appears on top of the ATB Bar. Once filled, whatever command imputed are played into action. Press Y or Triangle to use the command early if the block is lighted up, or press B or Circle to cancel a command. A new feature added during battle is called Quick Time Events also called "Cinematic Action", which allows that player to deal an incredible amount of damage and a upper hand in battles.

Addition to the combat, Mog Clock is another feature in the game. Instead of monster appearing the screen and roaming around like in Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII. They now appear randomly. Just as the monsters appear on screen, a dial clock called "Mog Clock" appears in the middle of the bottom half of the screen and a red ring surrounds the player's character with a radius of about 3 or so meters. The Mog Clock feature grants the player various bonuses and/or penalites depending on the time it takes them to enter a battle.

Another features that were added was Live Trigger, Temporal Rift and the Historia Crux System. Live Trigger happens throughout the process of the game, where the player will have to pick dialogue from a dialogue tree that will affect what the character says to NPC. Yoshinori Kitase stated that there will be multiple endings, but won't be affected by Live Trigger. Square has also said that the dialogue will allow for more enjoying conversation between characters during cutscenes or NPC chats. The dialogue will also change every time the game is played.
Temporal Rifts is a series of puzzle that occur when walking through dimensions and once completed through, they will be able to resolve a paradox happening in the real world.


Historia Crux System, is a time-travelling machine that allows player to jump through various gates throughout XIII-2. This system also plays towards the multiple endings. This allows for non-linear gameplay as the playeer could go forth and back through time, allowing them to turn back time in order to explore different plot possibilities in each location.


The worlds of Gran Pulse and Cocoon in Final Fantasy XIII return in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Players will be able to revisit old areas that have changed in appearance like Lake Bresha, now called the Bresha Ruins. A re-created version of the city of Bodhum had been made on Pulse, known as New Bodhum. Many of the civilians from Bodhum now live here. The Yaschas Massif on Pulse reappears with its ruins now inhabited by Cocoon soldiers and scientists like the Bresha Ruins. Valhalla, otherwise known as "the invisible world" will also be a playable area. Serendipity is a floating casino city packed with minigames like Slots and Chocobo racing. The city of Academia replaces Eden as the new capital of Cocoon and is Hope's new hometown.(

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, a new cast of characters are playing as the lead with a some of the original cast of Final Fantasy XIII returning as a cameo/playable characters. Certain original characters have been announce so far.

Serah Farron
Age: 18
Gender: Female
The younger sister of Lightning. Story wise, she is one the search for her sister Lightning after a sudden disappearance after the fall of Cocoon. A year later, in the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Serah is a teacher in the willage of New Bodhum. However, when Ne Bodhum is invaded by monsters, she is saved by Noel, a man from the future and a Moogle that morphs into a shape-shifting bow/sword for Serah, which is very interesting if you ask me. I mean, who wouldn't want that for Christmas? I would...

Noel Kreiss
Age: Unknown
Gender: Possibly Unknown as well... nah I joke. Male
A mysterious man from the future, sent back in time to change the course of history. After saving Serah from an attack of invading monster, he and Serah team up to find her lost sister, Lightning, where he supposedly know where she is. He wields dual blades, with a similar fighting style of Fang. This is a nice touch because I rarely see dual wielding characters in Final Fantasy other then Ninjas in FFT. Other FF that does, please let me know.

Hope Estheim

Age: 24
Gender: Male
A returning character form Final Fantasy XIII, who I LOVE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, is the leader of the Academy, a research group looking to redevelop Gran Pulse. He is specifically studying space-time anomalies. He still carries his giant boomerang, but only as a memento since he doesn't fight anymore. Which I CRIED after hearing this. I can't believe I won't be able to use my hot character to cast his sexy spells anymore! Though I do not know if that is true, and you can still use him(which I HOPE I do...). Look at him... he is so BADASS! (T_T)
EDIT: He is a NPC! (T_T)

Snow Villiers

Age: 24 in Final Fantasy XIII-2 (I know right... weird... freaking Time screw age over)
Gender: Male
Fiance to Serah Farron and a step-sister to Lightning. Snow is the leader and founder of NORA, group that fought off wild animals and then eventually a rebel group against the Sanctum. He has a 'Heroic" personality, where he always calls himself, "The Hero". Other characters in the game believe that he is "all talk" since he usually talk and act before he thinks. Hope in the original game despises him, but later eventually grew on him. I never liked him in the original game cause of his personality. It tick the crap out of me. Though he does look cool now, I just don't know if I will like him.

Sazh Katzroy
Age: Not Known
Gneder: Male
He is also a NPC, (WHICH SUCKS... we just lost another black playable character in the series...) and heling with the rebuild of Gran Pulse.


Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Details about him are here.

Other Characters
NORA - The rebel group, now helping with Gran Pulse.
Alyssa Zaidelle - Hope's assistant. (HOPE YOU ARE ON A ROLE BABY)
Mog - Serah's weapon that is also used to find hidden treasures when thrown.