Sunday, 25 November 2012

Life Update 1.0

My Life Update

Me with P4G:SGPE


     So it's been awhile since I lasted used this blog. I guess this calls for a life update of where I currently am at this time. I should really start using this more, it could develop into a better hobby than playing games 24/7. Haha, nah I'm just kidding. I go to school too.


     Currently working at West River Banquet hall as a server. Working minimum wage, 1 day a week, which doesn't really provide anything for me. Planning on working at Boston Pizza or EBGames. I had an interview with EBGames already so I'm waiting for an update at the moment. Still with my girlfriend, been 4 years now on the 7th of November. Still living in the same area.


     I graduated High School this year in the month of June. I am currently enroll at Seneca College for Early Childhood Education (in short ECE). Its a program where I learn how to properly assist children with their development at a different milestones. This includes infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-age children. I've have always enjoyed working with children and I feel that I was born in this life to contribute to the best of my abilities to help children with their learning. The program is a 2 year course, and so far for first semester, I'm really loving it. I learnt many new things and still will learn many new things that I could use to incorporate once I become and ECE (though I use them on my little bro as practice). I also plan on attending Teacher's College to become a full-fledged teacher. College is going great, lots of work, little sleep and great colleges.  

Video Games

Mark's Drawer of Games. (This isn't half of it.)

     In gaming related news, I got myself a PS3 and a PSVITA, which have been my goal for years to obtain and now I have them. As you can see in the picture above, my small collection of PS3 games so far and a shit ton of X360 games. Right now, I'm in admits of building my collection for the PS3 and the VITA. I already have a few games in mind to get once I have the money but if you can suggest me a game to get, that would be appreciated. =) I got a 250G PS3 with 2 controllers for $230 from Kijiji, which in my opinion was a GREAT DEAL! Haha, and I got the White VITA that I've been waiting for ages (not really) to come here in North America. So here are a few photos that sum VERY little of what is going on with my gaming life.

So here is my 250G PS3, with a decal I got from
Loving it every time I boot this sexy baby up to play XCOM, Dishonored, or BL2

The beauty of all Portable Gaming Devices.

Imported this baby from Japan from eBay!

Borderlands 2 with the Collector's Edition of the Guide.

Well, that is all for now. I will provide another update if needed. Thanks for reading! 

Persona 4 Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition


          So two days ago, I went into Purolator to pick up 1 of the only 10,000 ever going to be made of Persona 4 for the VITA. I just want to run through some of the contents that come in the box (if you haven't seen it yet.) Shall we begin?

Persona 4 Carrying Case
So first off we have the limited persona 4 carrying case. Now in the picture it would seem pretty compact and small. Its actually pretty big (but still portable) than it looks on a computer screen. It has a felted inner coat and a small flap that covers the screen. You can also carry three VITA games on the flap. Now what was also inside was the Persona 4 Face Cover for the VITA. I forgot to take a picture but basically what it's called. A face cover. If covers around the VITA and the front. The back of it is exposed so you can use it when you lift the front off.

I'm happy it came with the case and not just the game card.
Next up is just the game itself.
Comes with the case and the game card inside.
For people like me who actually wants a game with its case, then feel happy if you got the Solid Gold Edition. To me personally it feels like I have a complete game.

The Solid Gold Edition also comes with a VITA skin for the front.
Now in the picture it is shown that I have two. For this reason, it was because I pre-ordered it online and as a promotion for pre-ordering Persona 4 Golden, you get the skin for free. :)

Persona 4 Sticker Set

Now the last thing that comes with the Solid Gold Edition is the sticker set.
Nothing really fancy but they are really nice to have and look at. =D

Well that is it for the un-boxing of Persona 4 Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition.
I might do a review later, but that might take some time. Haha, but for those who played Persona 4 on the PS2, would enjoy it again on the PSVITA with all it's new content.