Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Life Update 1.02

Bah, I should be doing my homework that is due tomorrow... hahaha, but I'm writing this entry so...
Currently, today (December 4th) was my last day at my placement for my 1st semester. I'm going to miss the children there dearly. Will always remember them and hoping that they don't forget me too quickly haha.
They also made me a small book with all their hand prints which I thought was the cutest thing ever, and I balled (yes, I cried my ass off, I really enjoy where I work. shows commitment).

Here it is, I will always keep it.

2nd Semester starts in January, so I believe I will have time to actually write on my blog site. (Kinda need a better hobby and avoid feeding my gaming addiction).

On the topic of gaming addiction. I believe I am addicted to video games. As in I "have" the need to get every game and I do sometimes (not at full price). I able to restrain myself from buying like 10 brand new games and spread them out. I just have so many games that I'm unable to beat them all. Its horrible, I know.
But I can deal with it, I know I should not let get out of control. Plus I have my girlfriend and my extremely close buddy who care for my health and watch over me. (love you guys if you are reading this.)

Well, that is it for this partial update. See you guys later.

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